Exclusive Interview with Badr Seyam

Badr Seyam, a young talented boy in football, a skilled player, and a natural born player. A young man, who resides with his family in Wichita, Kansas, USA; who’s deeply in love with Kuwait, and trust me when I say this, he knows more than you think about Kuwaiti clubs. Everybody’s saying he’d be better than Kaka or even Messi compared to how skilled they were, when they were at his age.

I first wrote about Badr back in January (Click Here) and I was wondering who’s this gifted kid, his name is Arabian, and what made to look more for him when I saw a video where he was wearing a Kuwaiti National Team jersey…! I kept looking and looking, here and there, tried to reach him, for months, but no luck. Then, I received 2 comments last month about Badr, confirms that he’s in USA, in Wichita; that made me to try again and thank god I was lucky enough to reach him.

The Interview:

Kal: Introduce yourself?

Badr: First I would like congratulate the Kuwait National Soccer Team for winning the asia cup and I hope also for Alqadisia Club to win the Asian Club League Cup.
Name : Badr Seyam
Age: 11
Team: Wichita Rojos Soccer Club

Kal: What inspired you into football/soccer?

Badr: When I was 2 years old I started to go out with my dad and watch him play soccer with his friends so I tried to play it and I loved it!

Kal: What are the clubs that you support and cheering for? Who’s your favorite player?

Badr: Real Madrid. Cristiano Ronaldo, in my opinion I think he is the best for many reason; Cristano Ronaldo adds a lot skills to soccer that’s why he’s different than any other player, that’s what I’m trying to do.

Kal: Who’s your: best club in Kuwait? best player in Kuwait? How can we improve football in Kuwait?

Badr: My best club in Kuwait is Alqadisia. There are a lot of good players in Kuwait like : Waleed Ali, 3bd al3azeez almush3an , talal al3amer, fahed al3enezy, but I think the best one is Badr Almutawa3. To improve soccer in Kuwait first you have to take care of the kids between 8 years old to 14 that’s when they improve and if the kid don’t improve in this age they will never change and that’s why they have to look for talented kids in this age and do special training for them and bring professional coach and take the practice seriously.

Kal: Is there any contracts you got from Europe? What happened?

Badr: Yes we always received offers from many different big club in Europe and many from FIFA agents. They try to make me play there, but my  family refused because I’m still too young and when I turn 14 years old they will approve because we believe this is the age to learn more manners and  characteristics’ and to learn about your religion and culture, the age from 8 -14 this  is the good time to learn a lot from my family.

Kal: I heard you get a lot of offers from different teams in the US, is that right? what are they?

Badr: Yes we received a lot of offers from the US from many different states and I got a lot of invitations to play in different teams in the US but time is very short I cannot go to every offer but I accept some of the offers like:  when I was 9 years old I got invitation (for my age that never happen before) to play in Miami Forza Club and I accepted it  and they paid for every thing, and I accepted another offer from one of the best academies’ in the world IMG SOCCER ACADEMY, and we won the president cup for age 14 and I was 10 years old.

Kal: What are the awards you received so far?

Badr: I got 3 times best player award by voting online and  more than 80 medals that are all first place and I won the president cup first place in OKLAHOMA.

Kal: Do you have your own coach? or you keep teaching yourself how to do this trick and that dribble the ball…?

Badr: Yes my coach Daniel Fiszel he is from Argentina and he came to United States with a lot of soccer techniques also my club every year they get a special professional Brazilian coach and he helps me with my skills that means I got the two best countries in soccer school and that has helped me a lot and encouraged me; also I practice everyday with my club and I learn a lot of skills, and when Ihave time I do private practice with my best friend “my dad” when I learn new skills I keep on practicing on them also because I play a lot with Latino kids from Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Salvador and Spain that’s why I have a  very good experience.

Kal: Is there a certain player you try to imitate or inspired you?

Badr: To be honest with you my name Badr Seyam and I don’t imitate anyone I have my own style and I’m adding skills  to soccer but it’s good to watch the pros and learn from them.

Kal: What’s your dream? How you see yourself in 10 years?

Badr: My dream is to win the World Cup. 10 years from now I see myself as a professional player.

Kal: How you feel before each game? How you prepare yourself?

Badr: I’m never scared and I’m always ready to play. I always sleep early before the game and I eat healthy food, and after the game I play back my video and correct my mistakes.

Kal: How could you organize between football and school?

Badr: I go to my school and do my home work, then I go to practice everyday. I never had any problem with school and practice; I’m one of the best in school too 🙂

Kal: Who support you and encourage you to do what you do best? family/friends?

Badr: To be honest with you my family encouraged me a lot to become what I am now from spending a lot of their time for me  and traveling with me during the game and practice, also my coach Daniel Fiszel always encourages me and supports me.

Kal: At last, is there something you wanna say to the readers of daily.intake blog?

Badr: I would like to thank daily.intake, Khalid “Kal” for making this interview with me and cares about talent.

UPDATE: I’ve received a suggestion through e-mail asking me to attach some videos, so here they are:


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