Al-Jaber Tower: 1852 Meters High…!

It’s just impossible, how could this be possible..!? Where it will be built? And when they will start building it?

This concept tower has also been referred to as the Al Jaber Tower in accordance with its possible placement in Kuwait. This tower would soar to a full nautical mile, 1852 meters, or over 6000 feet. Italian architect Omero Marchetti, the founder of the Millennium Challenge 1852 project, says “to reach [a marine mile] you cannot use concrete, orthogonal grids, traditional systems, mortars, [and] cranes.” The building would dispense with right angles and perpendicular planes as these structural engineering norms make large quantities of cast iron and concrete “follow an unnatural and twisted geometry,” Marchetti says. He has instead looked to the hexagonal matrices of snowflakes, which as structurally supported objects combine high volume with low weight. Marchetti says that currently three groups of investors in different parts of the world are interested in making the Millennium Challenge Tower a reality, a step he believes is necessary to make a sustainable planet. “I think we have not a second chance, or if you prefer, we have not a second planet,” Marchetti says. “I tell you that this is the future, which is up to us to capture now.”


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