AraBomber Has Been Launched
November 1, 2010, 9:58 am
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AraBomber has been launched few minutes ago, what the hell is AraBomber? Well, it’s the new Bin-Laden‘s site where he’d broadcast all his threat to the world… <– *blinking* Fail Fail Fail!

It’s a cooperation between VA (Vloggin Arab) and MG (M7amd Ghazi); two comedians uprising on the internet against all the funny ideas everybody has towards Arabs, where they’re trying to convey a noble message to the whole world, not only the west, but the whole WORLD. Even Arabs, should watch and learn from them, you have to loosen up guys, and stop being uptight immediately.

Alright, so who are these guys?

we are normal Arab guys from your neighborhood and we are going to make a change of how people all over the world are looking at us as terrorist and criminals.
so we are going to hold our real guns “our words” this time , load it to our bombers and shoot !

And their objective from doing this?

our goal is to show the world who are the real bad guys here in a non-politic way. to show you that we are Arab guys , we don’t  stuff bombs in our butts , we don’t have strange angry accent , and our life is more fun than yours.

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