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October 29, 2010, 1:00 pm
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Few days ago I came across this twitter fellow, who got a cool site called Why Not Q8, I thought he was there for quite a while because of how neat it is, how well arranged, and how cool the theme is! It gave me a feeling of the Japanese blogs I visit every day, each blog or site has it’s own finger print, and this one was unique.

What you can find in there? News (locally/world wide), Events, Gadgets, YouTube, Restaurants, Personal, and Sketch Comic? yeah, a comic most of the time convey a better message than any other media, not a newspaper nor a TV can deliver, sometimes both of them combined can’t possess the power of comics!

And that what caught my eyes at first glance; A cute chibi sketched manga look alike character on the header of the home page, and then more characters appeared as I wander through the site.

I talked with the owner of the site and he confirmed that he’s the one who draws those chibi alike characters himself, and still learning to draw them perfectly eventually.

He’s expressing his point of view through the creative sketched characters. The site’s age is almost a month, so what he needs is a support from you guys specially locally (Kuwait), if he gets all the support form his hometown then it’s easier to aim globally.

That’s what I like to see coming out from Kuwait to the world, young, talented, ambitious, creative men and women, and I hope more will rise and shine all over the planet.

Visit Why Not Q8



it looks cool nice alrite! allah yewafeqhom 🙂

Comment by Q8Rainbow

yes it is, bookmark him 😉

Comment by Kal

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