Barça Above The Stars

Best team in the last decade among UEFA Champions League winners is FC Barcelona according to a study done by Footbalistic


We took a deeper look at the last 10 UEFA Champions League winners to determine which ones had the best stats in terms of scored and conceded goals.

Even if this infographic tells a lot, there’s a couple of additional comments.

Between 2000/2001 and 2002/2003, it required 17 games for any team to win the UEFA Champions League trophy. While Real Madrid scored more goals in2001/2002 (remember Zidane’s volley against Leverkusen during the final?) than Barca in 2008/2009, their ratio is smaller than the Blaugrana’s due to the number of played games.

During the 2005/2006 European campaign, Barca’s defense was by far the best of the decade (for Champions League winners), thanks to players like Marquez,Puyol, Edmilson and Van Bommel. But this team also presents the 3rd best offensive ratio of the same period with the likes of Deco, Giuly, Ronaldinho andEto’o scoring 1.85 goal/game. A ball possession of 64% for Barca during the final (against Arsenal) is another good indicator of how strong Frank Rijkaard’s squad was that year.


And as it is obvious:

Barça is Above The Stars

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