October 7, 2010, 2:21 pm
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Just one word, awadem!



ya7lailhom… bethab6 nafs ma6aar lekuwait lamma yegoolon its boarding time 😛

Comment by ansam518

omniyat 7ayatey a3esh 3endhom o akon wa7ed minhom nas mashya mithel el sa3a

Comment by Frankom

ee 9a7 mashallah exactly nafshom! :p

Comment by Kal

o ana akthar mnek!
mashyeen bne’6am mn ‘3er ma a7ad yewajehom, la2enhom mo bahayem (tekram) m7tajen a7ad yewajehom….! 😉

Comment by Kal

hope to see this gorgeous beautiful amazing scene in one of the Arab countries ,, or in my college ~!

Comment by M7md Ghazi


Comment by Kal

I wish if I can see this in Kuwait “At least in my dreams” ;p

Comment by Immortalita

Haha.. You said it best, in your dreams! :p

Comment by Kal

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