The Matrix Twins

They are Neil Rayment and Adrian Rayment from Minster, UK. They appeared in The Matrix Reloaded as tough twins who chased Morpheus and Trinity to get the Keymaker.

They are Nidan (2nd rank dan) JKA Black Belt Shotokan Karate instructors, as well as professional fitness consultants, and also have training in Karate Do, Kuko Schin-Kai, Wu-Tai and Boxing… WOW!

We started doing karate when we were about sixteen, we grew up watching Kung Fu films from Hong Kong, and Wo Ping has always been one of our heroes, not just for his ability as a martial artist, but also as a director.

That’s what they said when they found out they’d be coached on the film by master martial artist and wirework specialist Yuen Wo Ping, they were both pleased and honored.

To find ourselves suddenly training with him was very intimidating – we’re not that worthy! We worked really hard, and every now and again he’d just grin at us out of the blue, which was wonderful – it felt like he’d patted us on the head

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