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September 30, 2010, 8:10 pm
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The latest volume 35 of Berserk manga series has announced that a new anime series is in the works

The well-known manga has been running in Young Animal since 1989, and was adapted into a 25-episode television anime series from 1997 to 1998.

An official trailer featuring the voice of Gackt

Four versions of the commercial will run from Wednesday, September 29 to October 3. The official website will re-open after a revamp on Tuesday at about 9:30 a.m. with the television commercial and a separate, web-only commercial. In addition, an official Twitter account, “Berserk_project,” has launched.

Will it be a full CG anime?

Director Hiroyuki Kitakubo wrote in his Twitter account on Tuesday that he heard that 4[blank]C is making Berserk as a full-CG anime. He added that [blank]°C might be attempting to make an in-house motion capture studio. He prefaced his comments by saying that he apologizes in advance if someone considers what he posts to be confidential information.

Via: alafita and ANN

UPDATE: Another trailer featuring Zodd!

Thanks Skully



since u r into berserk i suggest u check out the ultimate berserk forum on the net

there is another commercial with ZODD in it according to them

also if u didnt have the time to read the comic i suggest u do the old anime is nothing compared to the dark and gory action in the comic 😉

a skull knight fan (if u read the comic u will know who he is) ;p

in the website they talk about all kinds of stuff i.e. the recalled chapter in the comic which according to berserk creator revealed too much too early in the comic, the website guys also got a reply from berserk creator about the comic and where it is heading….etc. check the rest on ur own ;p

nice page and good luck 😉

Comment by Skully

wow! thanks for the tip, i tried once to read the manga but it was like more than 300 chapters..! so i thought ok, the anime was cool enough 😉

thanks again Skully ^_^

Comment by Kal

Do you know which arc they are going to do. I really hope the will continue from the last animation

Comment by Saud

actually i’ve no idea how it’s gonna be, nothing official if it’s gonna be a remake of the anime or a start where it was ended. I’ll be updating it if anything comes up though, so, keep coming 😉

Comment by Kal

**** YEAH !

Comment by q8othug


Comment by Kal

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