Wataniya iPhone Tethering and Speed Test
September 29, 2010, 1:14 pm
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His & Hers tested the speed of iPhone tethering with Zain’s and they got 4.2 Mb, and so is Feryah with VIVA’s and he got 2.25 Mb. Therefor, I thought I would do mine with Wataniya‘s Data Line in iPhone 3GS Ver. 4.0.1, Google Chrome, and Voilà!

But there are few elements that’s determine your speed, one crucial element is area coverage. Wataniya and VIVA working great in my area and I’m always satisfied, but Zain isn’t that great. That’s why I did test it again and I had a 3.95 Mb of Download speed and 0.34 Mb of Upload.

Test Now!



LOL wtf.. iphone’s limit is 7.2Mbps. something is wrong. or right! 😛

Comment by Blizmo

Thanks for passing by and sharing , btw el test eli ana 7a6a kan bel kuwait city o ta7deda in Ali alsalem st, bs ba3dain sawena test bel mansoriya o kan el speed 5.85 , mithel ma tefathalt o gelt elcoverage yafreg mn mokan ley mokan

Thanks again

Comment by M

or could be the jailbreak effect! 😉

Comment by Kal

no sir, thank u for passing by! and true it differs from the place u connect from.
and thank u again for ur kind comment

Comment by Kal

WoooW i have iPhone 3Gs with Zain’s service and my top speed is equal too 1Mb Max 🙂

Comment by owazio

lol! lucky me i guess 😛

Comment by Kal

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