Akira Live Action Film Update
June 23, 2010, 9:32 pm
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I mentioned this almost a year ago, on July 26, 2009 to be precise, you can read here [Link], that Warner Bros is interesting of producing the live action movie of Akira the fabulous Manga movie.

Director Albert Hughes (The Book of Eli) was interviewed by a radio show and he said that Warner Brothers gave him a “mandate” for a PG-13 rating on the planned live-action films of Akira. According to Hughes:

It’s not rated R. That’s like something I had to take on when I was talking with the studio. The first thing they said to me is that it gotta be PG-13. And I said, ‘Ok, I can look at that as a challenge or a hinderance.’ There’s something about cinema — old cinema — where I get excited about some subversive things you can do with being held down by something like that or being censored. That I kinda found to be a challenge — how can I make this feel like a rated-R movie. I look towards what [director Christopher] Nolan did with Batman. Tonally, those don’t feel like PG-13 movies.

it’s a hard nut to crack because there are so many heavy themes — and there are some goofy stuff going on there too, but…. The trick for me is to simplify everything for the audience because you can’t come in with that complexity.

Hughes also said he’d choose Gary Oldman or Morgan Freeman for the supporting role.



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