Book: Sword of God Review
June 19, 2010, 1:40 am
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Back in November 2007, when I was spending my vacation in Thailand, I bought few novels from B2S bookstore located in Phuket, a well known bookstore in Thailand. One of the books I bought was Sword of God the only one that I didn’t read till recently.

The Author is Chris Kuzneski, honestly I didn’t know him and didn’t read any of his work before, but after flipping few pages it had my attention. If this story was true it would be damn scary, it’s just damn scary to think about it..

What I liked is the exact true locations, and respect to religions especially Islam with fine details about the religion and the practice of it, except for one historical thing, which was that the Holy Qur’an was first written after 20 years of the death of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), I don’t know if Chris did it in purpose for the sake of the story, or he really knows that as a fact. Anyhow, the other facts were amazingly true and the story was well told.

I didn’t like the long details of the relationship the main characters Payne and Jones have, sometimes you feel it’s just a filler or cliché. Besides that it’s a good thriller!

Plot Summary:

Off the coast of South Korea, a young boy discovers a cave that is bathed in human blood. Less than a week later, everyone in his village disappears… In Saudi Arabia, a female archaeologist unearths an artifact that threatens the historical foundation of Islam. To some Muslims, it is a discovery that must be silenced at all costs.

Meanwhile, an American soldier is brutally killed while interrogating one of the world’s most dangerous terrorists. Jonathon Payne and D.J. Jones, his former commanders, offer to spearhead the investigation. They quickly realize that there is more to this than terrorist reprisal; there is a plot in motion that will burn the world in the fires of a holy war.

Locations mentioned: the main plot was taken place in Jeju and Mecca

Jeju island, South Korea.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Riyadh, Mecca, and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

and Kuwait was slightly mentioned.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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