April 23, 2010, 9:41 pm
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This is a new Kuwaiti site which needs our support, it will be about how we should live our life healthier and get rid of some unhealthy habits that we used to do in our daily life, as in Kuwait.

Here is what they have to say:

E7na shabab kwaityeen, mithil ay shab w shabba kwaitiya kinna netmana ena
n6awir deeratna w nsahim eb shay efeedha w efeed ahalha.. w El7emdella qararna
nsawi w nishti’3el 3ala hashay, lana el kalam bdon fi3il mayfeed.. Shsawaina?
ba3ad ma la7a’6na mishkilat esmna ely mintashra bshakil kbeer lilasaf 3endina bl
Kuwait, w el unhealthy lifestyle habits ely wayed nmaris.ha, qararna nsawi
http://www.mda7da7.com, Kuwaiti 100%, mbayin min elisim.. Sha59iyatna kwaitiya w
7awalna kithir ma nigdar ena nbayin lelnas ena website.na Kuwaiti.. We
have free memberships, our members will get free tips from our nutritionists, and
all their questions will be answered from our nutritionists as well. 

msaween muqabalat ma3a la3been, mumathileen b59o9 hashay. What makes us unique is that we provide MOTIVATION that most people seek to live a healthy life and lose weight.

The site will open soon, but this is a noble idea, and I wish they get the support from everyone who’s reading this post

Good Luck Shabab!

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