Wataniya Launched ‘I Move To’ Service
December 23, 2009, 3:59 pm
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Change your number with ease through Wataniya Telecom A new invention introduced for the first time in Kuwait by wataniya

Wataniya Telecom offers a new and long awaited facility to their subscribers and others to maneuver between cell numbers without having to notify their contacts. ‘I Move To’, provides a hassle free switch to a different telecom service provider of their choice for free of charge and devoid of the numerous messages to friends and family informing them of the change in mobile.

With the invention of ‘I Move To’ introduced for the first time by Wataniya Telecom, the tedious process of updating one’s contacts with the replacement number can be avoided. For those with exhaustive business and friends lists can rest assure the switch won’t jeopardize future communication as in most instances where new numbers are either ignored or deleted.

Those subscribers wanting to jump from current service provider to another should send ‘Sub IMT’ to 1443 from the new number and then set unconditional call forwarding from the existing number to the new number. The contacts will realize the difference in number when they call the subscriber’s old number, where in they will listen to a voice prompt mentioning the change; also, the caller will receive an SMS notification as soon as a call is made to the subscriber. This SMS notification will also be alerted to the subscriber. The service will be active for 90 days and can later be renewed.

“New favorites always pop up and we like to accommodate that change by providing a quick and accessible solution. Wataniya Telecom understands customer grievances and the need to simplify daily communication complications. This easy to use and effortless procedure is expected to enhance any mobile user’s telecom experience”, quoted Abdul Aziz Balool Pr Manager at Wataniya Telecom.

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