UK Phone Retailer Survey
October 2, 2009, 7:15 pm
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UK phone retailer Right Mobile Phone conducted an interesting survey among their customers and got some intriguing results. According to their survey:

  • 71% say using their favorite song as their alarm clock, versus the system default or no alarm clock at all, made them feel happier that day
  • 80% say not receiving a reply to their text messages makes them feel “negative”, whatever that means
  • 41% said going by one day without getting a text message made them feel unpopular or lonely
  • Less than one in 10 people, 9% to be exact, actually laughed at a text message despite 61% of people using “LOL” in a text message
  • None of the people surveyed have ever rolled over the floor laughing, otherwise known as ROLFing, or laughed their asses off, otherwise known as LMAO or in my case LMFAO
  • 82% of people love to hear from their partners or people they deeply care about on a daily basis
  • 18% of people don’t pick up when their parents call
  • 78% of people tell someone that they love them using a mobile phone on a daily basis
  • Less than 7% of people said they could go one whole day without using their mobile phone
  • On average, people have 95 people in their address book
  • 69% of people call or text less than 8 people a week
  • 18% of people have pretended to receive a call or text messages

Bottom line, we’re all liars..?


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