Sony Officially Announce Slim PlayStation 3
August 19, 2009, 7:13 pm
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After months of rumors and speculation, the company finally made official news of a brand new version of itsPlayStation 3 console during a game convention in Germany on Tuesday. Called the “PlayStation Slim,” the new system is due to release in North America and Europe on September 1 for $299 and €299, respectively. The price cut is immediate, however, meaning the soon-to-be-replaced 80 GB PlayStation 3 currently on store shelves is now only $299 as well.

Touting the same features and functionality of the current console, the Slim is true to its name, coming in at 33% smaller and 36% lighter. It’s also greener, using 34% less power. But while its chassis has shrunk, its trunk space has grown with a new 120 GB hard drive.

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