The Three Knights
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3 motorcycles, 4 continents , 17 countries, in 120 days

Mr. Muhanad Al-Sultan, Mr. Husain Ashkanani, and Mr. Ali Al-Bairami are three Kuwaiti motorcyclists who had a dream to circumnavigate the globe on their own motorcycles. The “OUR SHARED PLANET” Motorcycle odyssey is a dream come true for them.

 The trip started in May 2009 and lasts for approximately 120 days. We will be visiting 17 countries mixing with their cultures, and visiting world wonders. (Video after the break)

This great adventure will take them from Kuwait into Asia ending with China, and then to Northern America ending in New York, past Europe ending in Palermo Italy, then parts of Northern Africa ending with Egypt heading back to Kuwait.

The Public Authority for Youth and Sports sponsorships this event. And the continues effort exhorted by the fourth member of the team, and our grounds manager Dr. Rashed Al-Shatti head of KBG (Kuwait Bikers Group) which they are all members of.

This is their latest video post from their blog, and it was teken in Tok, Alaska:


I urge you guys to visit their blog http://ospkw.blogspot.com/ where you can find more videos and pictures posted from the places they’re been to, thanks.

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