Michael Jackson’s Music Sales are Through the Roof
July 6, 2009, 6:39 am
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The KingAlthough Michael Jackson has died, his music clearly lives on.

Although the King of Pop has passed away, apparently his music still lives on. According to ABC News, “Whether it’s CDs, DVDs or vinyl, anything with Michael Jackson’s name on it has been flying off shelves for more than a week.”

Album sales for the late Michael Jackson have increased by a whopping 4,000 percent in the last two weeks. “Pretty much the minute everyone found out [he died], everyone was rushing here,” said store employee Angela Ziles. “And within the next couple hours, we were pretty much sold out.” According to ABC News, Michael Jackson’s albums are on Amazon’s top 10 music sellers list. Jackson is now also the first performer to sell over a million Internet tracks in nearly a week.

Sony, which is the King of Pop’s record label, is trying to meet demand. Workers even sacrificed their July 4th holiday so that more CDs could be shipped. Retailers believe that this trend will continue for months as details about Jackson’s death are revealed.


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