Michael Jackson Last Photo
June 28, 2009, 4:39 am
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Really Sad

Really Sad



This picture is really sad.It makes me want to cry.

Comment by Brianna

yes it is, u just wonder, how energized he was and how creative he was, and that’s how it ends.. so ironic..

Comment by dailyintake

o my god i can’t believe it yet. he will be alive in our heart

Comment by shiva

i love u micheal forever

Comment by shiva

This is really sad. But I question the photo. Jackson’s skin was much lighter than we see here. Also, his nose was much smaller. (Even though it’s hard to make out the nose.) Let me know what you think people!

Comment by Bobbi

who knows, you might be right and you might be not… but i dont think they had the time to play with the photo, it was released almost in matter we got the terrible news.. but good point though..

Comment by dailyintake

My question….just like the late Princess Diana…..who was the a**hole that stopped trying to save the person’s life to take a picture

Comment by NBurke

gooday 2 all readers,

i m really feel this time,ma grandma death,ma aunt also,ma loved bst bst fren 2 bt nw ma feelings of sadness is very deep 4 sir jacko, i pray 2 lord jesus tat let his soul live in peace in heave………………..
nw sir jacko is no more bt his attractive voice ll b spread ng in this tiny universe……….hmmmm! uptil nw i ddnt believe tat he is no more……………. i like u n love u sir michael as a small helpless sis…………..goodbye 4ever………..bt nt from ma heart…………

Comment by yensenban chanu priyalika

I love you Michael Jackson with all my heart you are now with the angels and I am going to miss you so much I can not think of such a wonderful star you are and always will be I will miss you my Darling Michael Jackson RIP my Angel Michael Jackson


Comment by Becky O'Brien

i hate seeing Michael like thise i reallie want to cry i never felt this way about any celeb death i love you so much rest in peace you are really missed…i love you, you are never ever forgotten

Comment by amanda

this picture is just so sad

Comment by valencea

This picture was taken through the windows of the ambulance. That is why his skin appears
darker. I know you are no longer in this world; you have gone back home to be with our Father in heaven.
Michael you will be remembered and loved . God be with you forever.

Comment by Valerie

hurting & crying out and in. so sad 2 c him go so soon

Comment by allison

the photo is a fake its from 1988 just look really close at it hes a live and hes coming back very soon

Comment by cecila godfrey

poor michael….i really liked him…its just not throot!!!!!!

Comment by anitafromitaly

I was there people and he did not even come close to looking like this. His wig was not in the ambulance.

To me he looked like a frail little old man. I didn’t even realize it was him till the Doctor started to run around frantic and yelling at us.

The photo is a FAKE!

Comment by I was in the ambulance

that so f****** sad waaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by gomes

The world will never see an angel like michael

Comment by silvermohamad

lot of sad i cant believe this lots of love michale love u forever

Comment by rajatsharma

This photo is NOT fake, unfortunately. Taken by a TMZ pap through the ambulance window. So wrong for this to have been taken and published – he had passed long before this was shot, probably several hours. Yet it was splashed on mag. covers. The media was vile to him to the end and still now.

Comment by squigs

I totally agree with you Becky.I know how you feel….but dont know why I feel this way.Am Inuts?

Comment by molly

I dont know why Im so full of grief over his death….its strang,the way I feel

Comment by molly

so sad

Comment by nayeli

sorry..but i dont see why you all care..no one would even admit they liked him (even came as far as to call him a pedifile), yet now, after his death, everyone is OBSESSED with him. rip michael jackson, you diserve that, but i am in no way torn by this. a death is sad but this nothing extra specially sad. sorry. no disrespect. rip.

Comment by jenny

Obviously it looks like it is real.. Who cares you could be lying that you were in the ambulance.. I love him still cherish everything he sang.. He will never be forgot Most likely he wasn’t my favorite but you know he was one good person he brought the whole crowd down..(:


Comment by Jenny A

when i found out about this i was shocked this is to the king of pop we love you man….

Comment by sierra

i know how you feel

Comment by sierra

thank you a lot michael jackson nice videos and you will be always in this earth

Comment by jose barraza

people how think mj is dead he is not he is in our heart and he always will he loves us all he helped people that were sick he is a loving persone and he always will

Comment by giovanna

i will always will miss mj if miley cyrus i know people hate her but i still feel bad for every one in the world but mj he is like a brother i think i feel bad cuz i knew him for a very long he does not now me but he like my bro lots of people cry but did not cuz my moms bff son died cuz of cancer when that happened i cryed a lot know im used to it and im 10 years old never mind but we will always love and miss mj

Comment by giovanna

i know its sad my moms bff son died cuz of cancer on his arm i never saw him sense when my mom tolled me i cried u and me will miss mj booooooooooo

Comment by giovanna

i wanna killl who that did this to him that a..hol dr f.. u u liked him .why u r alive???????? u just take him from us i just cant beleve this . i promis if some day see u i kill u u a..hole

Comment by sepideh

i love u micheal u never die u r always alive u r in our heart

Comment by sara

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